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Why Franchise with 2Fellas?

You’re joining an established company with decades of experience, strong brand recognition and a record of success. On top of that, you now have the option of offering 3 of our franchise options for one low investment of $40,000.

Not ready to offer all 3 of our franchise options? That’s okay! We only require our franchisees to commit to 2 of our options to start. You can start the first franchise option now, and then start the second option within 24 months. You can add the third option anytime you would like or don’t add it all. It’s up to the franchisee.

Dumpster Roll-Off Services

  • We offer efficient and reliable dumpster rental services.
  • We offer a range of roll-off dumpsters in various sizes ensuring your customer has the option to find the perfect fit for their needs.
  • We provide prompt delivery and pickup.
  • We take our commitment to environmental responsibility seriously.

Junk Roll-Off Services

Make room for what really matters with our junk removal services!

  • We offer the ability to help your customers regain their space by efficiently removing unwanted items.
  • We have the ability to clear out an entire property, get rid of old furniture, or dispose of construction debris
  • We offer prompt service and a commitment to responsible environmental disposal.

Moving Services

  • We provide Local and Nationwide moving services
  • We provide a partial packing service to full packing services
  • We have warehouse space that we offer full service storage facilities.
  • We have house or apartment cleaning services.
  • We provide loading and unloading services for rental trucks.

Brand Recognition

Joining 2Fellas results in the consumer automatically knowing you provide quality moving, dumpster roll off and junk hall off services. 2Fellas has captured a large portion of the market share in the South to Midwest region. Be a part of an expanding brand who delivers top of the line service and doesn’t cut corners to get the job done.

Training & Support

We provide training and support to any franchisee from the beginning of their franchise journey and even long after they launch.

2Fellas is offering you the opportunity to become an independent business owner. We provide our franchisees a comprehensive step by step training process with the necessary tools and techniques to maximize your success.

Ready to start your own company?

The 2Fellas Franchise
Support System

2Fellas Franchises offers training programs and on-going support for all our franchisees to help grow their business. The support available ranges from marketing, accounting, and even legal.


Even though our franchisees are ambitiously reaching out to their local community and networking with useful organizations, we still coordinate development of advertising materials and strategies for the benefit of all franchise members. At 2Fellas we supply franchisees with consumer marketing plans and materials for use at local or regional levels.


The Franchisor or its affiliate will negotiate quantity discounts on behalf of all of its members, passing some or all of these savings on to the franchisees.


Reporting directly to administration, this department is responsible for the financial and legal oversight of franchisees.

Don't Worry! You're a Part of the Team!

Don’t worry about encountering your problems alone, that’s what 2Fellas is here for! Our support team is highly trained to offer on-site assistance after launch and throughout the lifetime of your franchise.

Your Investment into
a 2Fellas Franchise

2Fellas offers training programs and on-going support for all our franchisees to help grow their business. The support available ranges from marketing, accounting, and even legal.

Franchise Fee

Franchise Opportunities:

Training & Support:

Options Available

Included in your investment will be the benefit of selecting an exclusive territory. As an early franchise adopter, certain territories offer competitive advantages in the franchise sales and marketing environment. 2Fellas gives you the opportunity to select your own city or region that will be exclusively your defined area..

Franchise FAQ's

  • What if I don’t want to open all 3 franchise options?

    That’s okay! We only require our franchisees to commit to 2 of our options. They can start the first option now and start the second option with 24 months. They can then choose to add the third option if they choose to at any time. Or they can choose to stay with only 2.

  • Does 2Fellas Franchise offer financing?

    All franchisees have a reasonable initial investment, but if financing is needed, there are some options we can explore.

  • How long does it take to open my own 2Fellas franchise?

    A typical franchisee will require about 4 months to open for business.

  • Who is an ideal franchisee candidate?

    Although there may be a number of viable franchisee profiles 2Fellas Franchises believes that prospects with sales, managerial and strong work ethics, would have the best opportunities in this field. Ideally someone who is sociable and outgoing and able to interact with customers in a joyful manner.

  • How big is a franchisee allotted territory?

    It will be defined by a 250,000 - 500,000 population base or a 25-mile radius from the location; whichever is greater.

Ready to Franchise? We’d Love to Connect!

It’s time to take the next steps to owning your own 2FELLAS FRANCHISE. Being an owner offers the fulfillment that comes with being a part of something bigger than your average 9 to 5 job.

This is a chance to live the life you’ve always wanted and lighten the moving load to the people of your community.

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