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Residential Moving

The thought of moving to a new place can seem exciting and adventurous. However, we know when it’s actually time for the move, it can seem daunting and stressful! Over the years, the amount of things you have accumulated can make your move seem impossible. Studies have shown that moving is one of the top stressors in people’s lives. We are here to remove that stress and get you back to feeling excited about your new adventure. You make the call, and we do it all.

2 Fellas can handle your local and national move! We have performed thousands of moves flawlessly since we began our moving services in 1996. Let us know if you’re moving across town or from coast to coast. We will do all the stressful parts. You may be surprised by how fast and efficient it can be.

We pride ourselves on customer service and will guide you every step of the way. You will also take comfort in knowing your call will be answered by us, not a corporation. Personalized service sets us apart time and time again. 2 Fellas will conduct your move with efficiency and care. We will handle your goods as if they were our own. 2 Fellas offers many resources that will ease your mind and guarantee that 2 Fellas is the right choice for you.

2Fellas Residential Moving is available in:

Tulsa, OK

We love getting to serve and move people in and around the Tulsa area. Tulsa has so much to offer from art to a world class aquarium in Jenks.

Movers in Tulsa

Oklahoma City, OK

They say Oklahoma City looks mighty pretty! Let us help you move in the OKC and surrounding areas!

Movers in Oklahoma City

Dallas, TX

Dallas, Tx is a large area with crazy traffic! Let us pack, load, and move you anywhere you need to in or around the Dallas, Tx area.

Movers in Dallas

Phoenix, AZ

Making a move in the sunny Phoenix area? Let us handle your Phoenix move!

Movers in Phoenix

NW Arkansas

Known for it’s beautiful nature, let us help you move your family in the NW Arkansas area!

Movers in NW Arkansas

Stillwater, OK

If a Stillwater, Home to the OSU Cowboys, move is in your plans, let us help!

Movers in Stillwater
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