Things to know before your move…

  1. Please make sure all items you want the movers to move are packed in boxes that are sealed.
  2. All breakable items must be boxed. This includes TV’s. We can provide a box for an additional charge if you no longer have the original box.
  3. We accept cash and credit/debit cards only. We do not accept personal checks. We charge a 3% convenience fee on all credit card charges.
  4. The amount of hours you choose to book is not a guarantee that we are able to complete the entire move. Some customers are better prepared than others, and some people just collect more than others. If you have any questions, please call our office and we can assist you in determining how long your move might take and how many movers you may need.
  5. Do you have glass or marble tables? If so, contact the office, and we can tell you how to prepare them for your move.
  6. We do not take apart or put back together play sets or baby cribs. This is strictly for the safety of your children.
  7. We love to give in-home estimates. If you are unsure how long you need us, call the office. We can talk about it over the phone and decide if you need one of our professional move consultants to come and see your home.

Other Important Information:

  • We are going to be sending you professional trained movers. Our movers will break down all of your furniture and put it back together for you at no additional cost. We are not charging you for stairs either!
  • We do not have extra charges for heavy items, however; there are a few limitations as to what our movers can move. Gun safes over 500 pounds and baby grand pianos or bigger are 2 of those items. If you have something in question, call our trained customer service staff and they will answer your questions.
  • We will be padding and shrink wrapping your furniture to protect it.
  • Do you need help going in or out of the attic? No problem. Our movers will gladly help you get things down or take things up into the attic in the new home.
  • We know packing can be the worst part of the move. We offer full or partial packing services with a trained packing crew. We only charge for the boxes we pack and labor and material is included in the cost of the box. We do need to set up an in-home estimate for this so we can be prepared. We can help finish up or just get you started and do the hard stuff!
  • Our company will never cancel on you. We have been in business since 2000. We have never called or no-showed on a customer. We would never do that! Rest assured, if you book with us, WE WILL SHOW UP!
  • We do not charge different rates for weekends or holidays. We charge the same rate no matter what day you need us!