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Tulsa, OK

Tulsa is an exciting and fast growing metropolitan area in north east Oklahoma. The hills and beautiful foliage provide a picturesque backdrop to any lifestyle. Tulsa is home to great art, recreation, cuisine and academia. If you are relocating to or moving around in the Tulsa Metro, let us help you navigate this area of […]

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Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma City is one of the fastest growing cities in the midwest and there is an obvious reason why! The Oklahoma City Metropolitan area is bursting with opportunity and excitement. The waving wheat sure does smell sweet! We can help you as you move around or into this beautiful metropolitan area known as the friendly […]

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Dallas, TX

Everyone is talking about Dallas. Dallas is the beautiful sparkle on the lonestar state and is the thriving metropolitan area everyone wants to get to. Everything is bigger in Texas, but its biggest in Dallas. Professional sports legends, world class dining and entertainment as well as rich history and culture are just some of the […]

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Phoenix, AZ

Discover why Phoenix is growing rapidly and find your place in this vibrant community with 2 Fellas Moving Company. Amid the captivating beauty of the Valley of the Sun, an impressive metropolitan area and year-long summer allure newcomers. As you relocate or move within the Phoenix metro, rely on us to guide you through this […]

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NW Arkansas

The natural state really shows off its beauty in this fast growing region. The north west corner of Arkansas is home to not only beautiful landscape but also growing and thriving commerce and academia. If you are relocating to or moving around north west Arkansas, let us help you navigate this area of the beautiful […]

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Stillwater, OK

Home of the Oklahoma State University Cowboys, Stillwater is a special place with lots of spirit and a friendly atmosphere.  Whether you are moving someone to Stillwater to attend the university or moving there for other reasons, we have you covered.   Regardless of what is bringing you to Stillwater, let us help us you navigate […]

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